Local Dignitaries

During its 114+ year existence, The Santa Cruz Lodge has provided five CHEA Vice Presidents*, nine District Deputy Grand Exalted Rulers (DDGER) to the West Central District and one Grand Exalted Ruler!

  • Benjamin K. Knight was DDGER for 1916-17
  • James R. Williamson was DDGER for 1928-29
  • Lloyd Foster was DDGER in 1933-34
  • Raymond A. Macaulay was DDGER for 1938-39
  • Louie F. Moro was Vice President in 1975-76 and DDGER for 1979-80.
  • D. R. “Irish” Ferrigan was Vice President in 1983-84 and DDGER for 1987-88
  • Joseph P. Licursi was Vice President in 1988-89 and DDGER for 1994-95.
  • Tom Brazier was DDGER for 2002-03.
  • Leslie A. Yeffa was Vice President in 2006-07 and DDGER for 2008-09.
  • Pat Kleinert was Vice President in 2014-15
  • Kyle York is Vice President in 2021-22

In addition, for Elks year 2012-13, the Santa Cruz Elks Lodge produced a Grand Exalted Ruler Tom Brazier and assistant Leslie A. Yeffa.

Note: The California-Hawaii Elks Association was established in 1950. There were no VP’s prior to that time.