Pool Pass

  • $150 This is the Family Pass. It includes a Member, their spouse, children and grandchildren. It may include a nanny. Spouses may come to the pool without the Member. It does not include another adult relative who is now living at the home.
  • $ 80 This is a 3-person Small Family Pass including the Member plus 2 other family members named on the card. A spouse may come to the pool without the Member. It may include a nanny as long as the nanny doesn’t push the number of people named on the card above 3. This covers single parents with 2 children, grandparent/s and grandkids, families with two parents and one child and other small-family configurations.
  • $ 50 This pass is for one Member and one other person. This pass allows the Member to bring one guest for free all season – a friend, a spouse, a prospective member, etc.
  • A Member who wants to drop by the pool once or twice per season may do so for no fee.
  • Holiday BBQs have free admittance to all Members and guests.
  • Members with visiting family members may be admitted by checking in at the Snack Shack.
  • Members may bring up to 2 guests to the pool. Guest fees are $10 per person aged 3 years old and older.