Swimming Pool Rules for 2022

  1. The pool is open to Elks Members, their spouse/partner, children and grandchildren and up to (4) of their guests when accompanied by the Member. Spouses may also purchase a Spousal Pool Pass that enables them to enter the pool area without the Member present. (RV Park visitors and up to (2) of their guests may also use the pool. Please check in at the Snack Shack or office.)
  2. All members and guests using the Elks swimming pool must sign a Waiver of Liability once per year. No lifeguard is on duty.
  3. People using the Elks Lodge swimming pool & facilities are required to show a valid Elks Membership Card or Spousal Pool Pass. An Elks member or spouse of a member that has a Spousal Pool Pass must accompany all guests.
  4. Elks from other Lodges must display their current Membership Card and pay $5.00 to cover the entrance fee and one drink.
  5. Pool toys that are made of Styrofoam are strictly prohibited. Based on pool conditions on the day, pool users may be asked to remove pool toys at the discretion of pool management.
  6. All children not toilet trained must wear swimming pool diapers and plastic diaper covers at all times while in and around the pool. A cleanup fee based on dollars lost and dollars spent on cleanup will be charged to the member/sponsor of any child-related fecal accident in the pool.
  7. Children must be accompanied by a parent or adult 21 years or older. Parents are responsible for their children and guests. There is a no drop-off policy at the Elks pool. Do not leave children unattended.
  8. Food and drink sales are for the benefit of the Elks Lodge and its charitable causes and may not be brought in from the outside at any time. No ice chests are allowed.
  9. No outside alcoholic beverages may be brought into the pool area as it jeopardizes our liquor license. Any alcohol brought into the pool area will be confiscated.
  10. Glass containers are not allowed in any outside area around the pool.
  11. Running, pushing or diving into the pool is not allowed. Violators will be given one warning. Subsequent behavior will result in the violator being asked to leave the pool area altogether.
  12. There is no entry into the Lodge dining room dressed in bathing suit attire or with bare feet.
  13. Children will be asked to get out of the pool for 10 minutes each hour to allow the pool to recharge its chemicals, children to use the bathrooms, and adults to swim in comfort.