Covid19 Modifications

  • Total members at the pool is now limited to 70. Please take one token per person in your group when you enter, and return them when you leave.
  • Masks are required when walking around the pool, but not when sitting or in the pool.
  • For the kiddie pool, tape has been set at 6′ increments to keep social distancing.
  • Chairs and tables are set at the appropriate social distance.
  • If you use a chair, please tilt it up when you leave – that way we know to disinfect it.
  • We are constantly disinfecting the common areas, and do the bathrooms once an hour.
  • When done using horseshoes or ping pong paddles, please return them to the snack shack (don’t put them back in the box) as we disinfect them before putting them back into the box.